About Green United

Green United is the result of young people in Lewes, supported by adults, coming together because of the climate emergency.

All the Primary and Secondary schools in Lewes as well as Lewes Old Grammar and the University of Sussex are involved through the support of young people, parents, teachers, local councillors and governors plus staff and students from the University of Sussex. Some adults may be interested in the thinking behind Green United which can be found here.

Green United encourages organisations and individuals to give their time, talent (skills) or treasure (financial donations) to help address specific concerns identified by young people at a very local level.   A Youth Board is being recruited to decide how best to allocate funds that are raised for projects and initiatives suggested by young people. 

The Team

Amber Brown

I am a Zoology student on my way to a career in animal and environmental conservation. I’d like to help make positive changes to flaws in society that cause habitat loss and animal extinction.

Drew Farmer

I’m a Sociology student at the University of Sussex. I have a passion for working with young people and wish to spread round enthusiasm wherever I can.

Anne-Meike Fechter

I am a Priory school parent, and a Reader in Anthropology at Sussex University, with an interest in making social change happen.

Fred Hoad

I am a local accountant with school aged children and would like their voices to be heard, to empower young people to have more of a say in the world that they inhabit.

Perpetua Kirby

I am a researcher interested in how schools support children and young people to engage with life’s uncertainties, such as climate change and Covid.

Emma Montlake

I am a Southover school Mum who works for the environmental law foundation which empowers local communities to participate in environmental decision making and to challenge bad decisions. Keeping it local is an essential part of this approach.

John Parry

I’m a senior lecturer at the University of Sussex and have championed the voices of young people all my professional life.

Simon Thompson

I’m a professor of education at the University of Sussex and responsible for running the Department of Education. I’m committed to ensuring all educational experiences have sustainability as a core focus and committed to learning from the voices and concerns of children and young people. This is why I believe Green United is such an important initiative.