Lamp Post Banners

Mountfield Road, Lewes,  now has two new lamppost banners thanks to an initiative by Southover School Yr 6 pupil, Juliette McKay. A competition for young people organised by the Green United Youth Board was launched to encourage the safer use of the road at busy times. 

Poster wonderfully designed by Juliette McKay.

Juliette said of the initiative, ‘What most inspired me to launch the banner competition was seeing a shocking photograph of Mountfield Road during the morning rush hour.  Not only did it look really  polluted, but very unsafe and slightly scary. What we were looking for with the competition entries were images and slogans that encouraged more active travel to hopefully reduce car usage whilst not offending those who have no choice but to drive, for instance those who have mobility issues or families who live too far to walk or cycle’.

The winning designs by Southover Primary School students Chloe New and Chloe Combrelles were erected on the lampposts with the help of ESCC Highways Department on 1st March 2023.

Winning Lamppost Designs

Lamppost banner designed by Chloe New
Lamppost banner designed by Chloe Combelles 

The judging followed strict rules set up by Ian McKay and included judges Charlie Dobres, former Director, Lewes FC; Claire and George Hadley graphic designers, Juliette McKay, Year 6 student at Southover Primary School, Leo Dillon Year 7 student at  Priory School and Finnuala Rowland from St Pancras RC Primary School.

Said Charlie Dobres, Green United is such an impressive initiative, entirely led by primary and secondary school students who are taking action to improve the environment of our town. Three of my fellow judges were just [12] years old. Their opinions on the posters we saw were so well reasoned, demonstrating a clarity of thought that I didn’t always see from seasoned adults when I worked in the ad industry myself, many years ago. And every single entry showed so much effort, understanding and drawing prowess. It was a privilege to be part of this initiative.”

Responding to the initiative, Sheila O’Sullivan of Cycle Lewes & Lewes Living Streets said:  This is another great action by Green United.  We need more people walking and cycling in our town, having fewer cars means less congestion and reduced air pollution. Mountfield Road is very congested during the start and the end of the school day; it’s not a safe space for the young people that walk and cycle.  We all need to help change that.

This was how the competiton was run and advertised…..

Concern:  See attached ppt

Response: Many people on a zoom call thought some lamp post banners with an environmental and safety message was a good idea. Since this initial meeting, Juliette McKay has been working hard to create a poster (see above) to advertise the competition, which has now been launched in all schools.

Support: Jeremy Thorpe, lighting engineer from East Sussex County Council Highways, has identified lamp post numbers 8 and 18 in Mountfield Road as suitable for taking a 1000mm x 600mm size banner with spring loaded brackets. 

Below is Juliette’s original powerpoint of Spring 2022 but several technical points needed to be overcome but thanks to her persistence the competition was finally launched on 30th September 2022.