Road closure outside Southover school: Concept demonstrated but not maintained

On the 12th February 2020, when the young people and adults met at Priory School  to discuss Lewes schools environmental action, one of the ideas was to close specific feeder roads to traffic during school drop-off and pick up times, to ease congestion, improve safety and air quality. 

It was an idea that Emma Montlake took back and discussed at Southover Primary where there was an on-going issue with children and parents gathering at the school entrance in the narrow Potters Lane and their unsafe interaction with cars.

When schools closed due to Covid in March and so much fell away, discussions ceased. However when schools reopened, the wonderful headmaster Noel Fadden resurrected this idea!  He raised concerns with East Sussex CC and with the support from the local community, parents and Cycle Lewes, ESCC have responded positively to the issue with Potters Lane and have decided to progress the application for the road closure through East Sussex Highways. As long as funding is made available, they will proceed with the project. 

Although the children weren’t at the forefront of making their idea happen, they did start the ball rolling.  It’s an early example of how Green United will give our young people the confidence to make the local environmental changes and suggestions that they want. As Martha Oliver, year 6, writes,  “I like the fact it’s better for the environment. The air seems fresher now without all the cars sitting there with their engines running.”

Well done Southover and East Sussex Highways!