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By giving treasure, we are demonstrating our support for young people’s environmental concerns. We respect their rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to participate in matters that they feel are important to their lives now and in the future. Investing money supports young people to work together with their teachers and schools for the common good. This places young people’s agency at the heart of education in a functioning democratic society.

By way of a few examples discussed by young people, such funding could support:

  • purchasing pollution monitoring equipment that could be shared between schools
  • facilitation of a joint eco-club school meeting and hire of a suitable space.
  • ‘learning working parties’ for young people on land management
  • joint entry and participation in regional and local environmental competitions
  • simple, outside, protected teaching spaces for small, physically-distanced groups
  • things in the future that none of us have yet thought! 

Donations can be made to: 

Green United CIC
The Co-operative Bank plc
Sort code: 08-92-99
Account: 67186491

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